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Booking Appointments

The best way to book appointments with our office is to apply for online booking.Please enquirer at West Coast Medical Group. Otherwise you can call 604-560-6161.

Please have all pertinent information ready, what type of appointment you require, and your availability when you call. This will allow us to book you the appropriate type of appointment and the correct duration.

Please do not bring multiple problems to your visit. In order for the physician to give each problem the attention and time it deserves you may be asked to book another appointment.

Unable to See Your Physician?

Please use to to access local walk-in clinics and their waiting times.


Our office is unable to give results over the phone. Please book an appointment to review your results. Also some labs have online services available where you can receive a copy of your tests. If you are interested in this service please inquire at the laboratory where you have your blood work completed.


We are unable to do prescription refills over the phone or by fax. Please book an appointment to deal with these matters. Please allow ample time before your prescriptions run out to book an appointment. Same day appointments are available for medical emergencies and should not be used for routine prescription refills.

Are You Travelling?

Please see your local travel clinic.

Passport Health Surrey Travel Clinic


49 Parallel Pharmacy and Travel Clinic


TMVC White Rock


Or Search Google For a Location Closer To You.


Please note that these services are not covered under the medical services plan, and a fee will be charged.

•Missed appointment fees

•Sick/Work Notes

•Work/School forms

•Drivers Medical Exams

•Records Transfers

•Medical/Legal forms or requests

•Disability Tax Credit forms

•Cosmetic procedures (Cryotherapy for non plantar warts, Skin Tag Removal)